iChef ET-11: Turn Your Tablet into a Food Thermometer

Learn more about the app-enabled iChef ET-11 Direct+Connect Roasting Thermometer by Maverick

The ET-11 Direct+Connect Roasting Thermometer from Maverick turns your iOS or Android device into an intuitive food thermometer. This compact unit comes paired with a 59-inch water-resistant, stainless steel probe and can easily stick to any smooth surface using the suction cup on its back.

The powerful RediChek app for the iChef ET-11 calculates how long food will take to cook and displays real time progress via a chart on your smart device, providing the perfect roasting temperature every time!

More Features:

• Designed for easy storage with a wrap for the probe wire built into the unit
• Pre-set doneness temperatures for 16 meats and 2 foods
• Displays temperatures between 4°F and 392°F
• Set a custom or preset alert from the RediChek app’s sound library
• Store cooking notes, recipes, and images within the app, and then share them on Facebook and Twitter

NOTE: Please read our compatibility list to ensure your smart device is compatible with the iChef ET-11 by Maverick.

UPC# 0-11502-11111-8
MSRP $39.99

You can Download the Free RediChek App from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.  Make sure to type RediChek as one word.